Best Express Water Under Sink Water Filter Review

Meet the Express Water RO5DX, the best under sink water filtration system. Right out of the gate, the under sink water filter review is mostly positive. We are impressed with its 5 stage filtering process, comprising the likes of carbon filters and RO membrane. All the essential components make sure that the water has a PPM of 10 or even 5 and below. Be informed with its features and accessories through our buying guide.

under sink water filter review

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Let Us Go Through The Under Sink Water Filter Review:

Specifications for This Item

  • Material: Steel Tank, Plastic System, Brass Faucet
  • Tank Capacity: 4 Gallons
  • Height: 16 inches; Length: 18.25 inches; Width: 19 inches
  • Feed Water Pressure: 40-80 PSI
  • Total Package Weight: 28 Pounds

5 Stage Filter Descriptions

Here are the details of the 5 stage filters and their works-

Sediment Filter

water purification filters for home

The sediment filter is melt blown with thermally bonded 100% pure Polypropylene microfibers.

It removes silt, dirt, rust, scale, sediment, coarse sand and sand from water. It’s high dirt-holding capacity results in longer life and fewer filter changes.

G.A.C. Filter

home water filter

The Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter cartridge is made of 100% pure coconut shell carbon and features a five-micrometer nominal micron rating.

It removes chlorine, organic chemicals, suspended particles, unnatural tastes and odors, dirt and other chemicals found in tap water.

Carbon Block

water filtration system reviews

The Carbon Block CTO is also made of 100% pure coconut shell carbon in a “block” construction. The structural design provides a high chemical absorption rate.

RO membrane

water filter for home

The semipermeable Membrane (ROM) element removes up to 99% of aesthetic and health-related contaminants.

It also removes contaminants like Bacteria, Viruses, pesticides, Ai, Pb, Cd, Hg, total dissolved solids including many other unhealthy contaminants.

Post Carbon

home water purifier

Also known as the Polishing Filter because it is the final stage of any standard reverse osmosis system.

It is made from high-quality coconut shell carbon, the inline filter stabilizes the water taste quality and further removes any traces of bad tastes and odors.


  • Spare Filters
  • 5 Micrometer Carbon filters
  • Stylish Faucet
  • Easy to read Instructions
  • Great-tasting, fresh, and pure drinking water


  • Membrane Housing is difficult to open
  • A little bit trouble for the nut attachment (The user should follow the instruction)

RO System Parts List for Installation

This system includes all of the following parts for installation. All the parts that are in connection with the water are BPA and Lead-free.

house filters

These will fulfill your needs in a complete drinking water system.

  1. Adapter Valve
  2. SED Housing/Filter
  3. GAC Housing/Filter
  4. CTO Housing/Filter
  5. Nipple
  6. Male Elbow 1/4″
  7. Automatic Shut-Off valve

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Available Replacement Parts

Here are some of the replacement parts of the Express Water RO5DX RO water purifier.

RO Replacement Filter Cartridges

water filter home systems

The Express Water RO replacement filter cartridge (Part number: FLTSETS6C6G6I3M502) comes with a Reverse Osmosis Post Inline Carbon, 50 GPD Membrane, Granular Activated, CTO, and Coconut Shell. It comes as a Pack of 23.

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RO Expansion Tank

water filter system

This NSF certified, 4 Gallon compact Reverse Osmosis water storage tank reservoir is made by tankRO. It comes with FREE Tank Ball Valve and a free Tank Stand.

The water storage area can hold up to 3.2 gallons of water at once, with the rest of the storage area being occupied by the pre-pressurized air bladder, which helps you draw water from the tank. Designed to be fit under sinks this tank will match most kitchen cabinets, it is designed to work when lying on its side or upright. The Tank is durability tested at several stages and is backed by a one-year warranty. The maximum working pressure of the tank is 100 PSI.

The tankRO Water Storage Tank gives tasteless, odorless, and contaminant free water.

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Water Quality Tester

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This 3 in 1 meter (HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature) is Accurate and Reliable. This Ideal Water Test Meter can be used for quality testing for drinking water, aquariums, etc.

It’s a handy must-have tool for every household, testing for tap water, filtered water, distilled water, bottled water, well water, refrigerated water, etc.

Using with backlit and auto-lock function is effortless. The product comes with three years’ warranty and 90 days’ money back guarantee.

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Why Buy the Express Water RO5DX?

So now we know all about Express Water 5 stage RO system. It has the best under sink water filter review among others. In short, it is packed with-

  • GAC Activated Carbon Filters
  • Inline Granular Carbon Filter
  • Thin Film Membrane RO Membrane
  • 99% reduction rate of chemicals
  • Micron Melt-blown Polypropylene sediment

So just bring this filter to your home and enjoy pure & fresh water with your family. Tell us your review about this product through the comment below.

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